Using Shodan like Snowden


I do not condone any illegal activities and will not be held responsible for any actions you might perform in your own accord. This information is strictly for educational purposes and my small contribution to the bug bounty community.

So what is Shodan?

Shodan or notoriously known as “the scariest search engine” is a search engine that indexes IoT devices connected to the internet. Shodan is used by security researchers and bug bounty hunters alike to uncover a plethora of information pertaining to their targets. It periodically scrapes the internet indexing new information as it becomes available, Shodan is capable of finding web servers, FTP servers, web cams and much more.

How to use Shodan

To use Shodan, head over to and create an account (it’s free). Once you’ve created account login to it and navigate to the search bar.

country:”SA” port:”3389"
Camera country:”ZA”



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